Services and products

  • Turbocharger hardware for most of applications
  • Turbo matching and components for combustion engines taking account application and usage
    • 1 stage, multi stage, parallel and sequential charged engines
    • High performance and competition engines
    • Emission certified engines
    • Diesel/Electric – hybrid engines
    • Fuel or transient response optimized engines
  • Performance calculations
  • Defining requirements for engine management systems (Air Path-control, EGR, Injection system)
  • Expertise service for customers
    • Consultation
    • Reports
    • Benchmark (Vehicle diesel engines)
    • Hybridization expertise
    • Lecturing
  • Cooling and filtration component sizing for vehicle diesel engines (on road and off road)
  • Measurement data analyzations
@venemessut2020 Fanny on the stage with high performance Cummins engine. HeEMS Oy
Clean and polished engine bed by VTS racing @venemessut2020. HeEMS Oy
Working test with upgraded performance level. HeEMS Oy
HeEMS Oy turbo installation to Scania DC16 XPI-engine